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Consultant & Strategist

For businesses of all sizes, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration on the path to success. But it can be challenging to understand the complexity and interconnectivity involved in achieving it.

As a qualified sustainability professional and registered Chartered Environmentalist, I combine strategic planning, creative thinking and practical implementation to make your business resilient in an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.


  • Build & protect your business reputation
  • Lead the way on social & environmental impact
  • Uphold legal compliance & other ethical responsibilities
  • Nurture a resilient business that will flourish now, & in the future
  • Talk about your positive initiatives with integrity
  • Improve staff retention & attract conscious, connected talent
  • Take the right action at the right time, for the right reasons

Helping You Think, See & Feel Differently

I’m a Creative Sustainableist, meaning I use creativity to engage and inspire sustainable behaviour and actions. My support and guidance go beyond data, because while metrics are important, there are things we can’t measure that matter just as much. Things like emotional connection, empathy and wellbeing.

So, yes, our collaboration is founded on robust processes. But expect a splash of creativity, a sense of humour and a focus on outcomes that promote happiness. The destination is the same, it’s just we have more fun getting there.


The Solutions

I offer a range of services, from a one-day strategy review to consultations lasting a month or more. To benefit from all the solutions listed, book my comprehensive package.

Regenerative Business Framework

Prepare your business to meet internationally recognised global standards of sustainable development and certification requirements.

Your business is thriving. You are adding more value to the world than you are taking from it. Your customers trust you implicitly, and your team support you without hesitation. You’ve even got a few globally recognised certifications for your sustained commitment to responsible business. You have achieved a harmonious state of eudaimonia.

I use the BS8900:2016 Framework and the Future-Fit Benchmark to ensure our work together is conducive to happiness for everyone in your value chain. Happiness becomes the fifth tenet of our collaboration.

A pathway to achieving success in an ever increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.   

Your presentation is a success, and you have the buy-in you need to achieve the plan. Your stakeholders, board and investors saw the passion, dedication and attention to detail to your proposal. You may even have a fresh perspective on old ideas and a renewed energy on how to achieve them.

You write the project scope, outline the plans, and define the intended outcome.  I review your documents, offering advice, recommendations and ideas to help you achieve your project’s goals.

A thoughtful, purpose-driven proposal that aligns with your stakeholders’ needs and requirements.

Strategy Review

A sense-check of your sustainability strategy or idea. Get feedback before presenting it to your stakeholders, board or investors.

Environmental Management

I work with you on retainer as your Environmental Manager, a convenient and affordable alternative to training or hiring a staff member.

Everything is operating at maximum efficiency. There are no sleepless nights worrying about compliance issues. You know the risks, and have prepared for them. Important dates and deadlines are scheduled without you having to lift a finger. You have more time to spend with the people you love, and do the things that make you happiest.

Set up and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is ISO 14001:2015 compliant.

Meet strict international environmental standards and reduce compliance risks while saving time and money.

You’ve gone beyond carbon-neutral and carbon zero → and are now carbon-positive! Meaning you’re removing more emissions from the atmosphere than you’re contributing. The air is fresher, global heating is under control and biodiversity is beginning to recover.

I work with established carbon calculators to measure your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and offer guidance on how to reduce your emissions in line with the net-zero targets ahead of schedule.

Communicate your impact to your team, customers, investors and other stakeholders with easy-to-understand reporting that sparks action and drives change.

Carbon Footprint & Environmental Reporting

Understand and reduce your carbon footprint and report on your environmental impact.

Bespoke Training & Workshops

Understand what sustainability is and lay the foundations for effective action.

Sustainability is no longer just a term thrown around or misappropriated. You and your team are engaged and inspired – driving change in the business and beyond.

Involve your entire team, from senior leadership to trainees in your sustainability journey with bespoke workshops and training that is engaging and interactive.

Clarity on the interconnected issues facing the business, and a clearer picture of how each individual can get involved with your sustainability ambitions. 

Departments are no longer operating in silos, but instead working together to achieve the business vision. Overdue tasks and missed deadlines are a thing of the past. You have more time to work on the business because the mundane procedures are handled. Idea overwhelm is thwarted, and you’re only investing time and energy into the ideas that will help you achieve your goals. They have all become just a part of the process.

First, we will review and refine your process to make best use of your team, templates and technology.

I will then design and install a ClickUp™ workspace that integrates all the systems, people and procedures across your business into one consolidated management system.

Save time and maximise efficiency across your business: work towards your goals in a way that feels smooth and efficient.

Prices start* at £600 for a one-day Strategy Review. To discuss a payment plan, let me know when you get in touch.

*Based on company size and turnover. Services available through my site are designed with micro-entities & SMEs in mind, and as such, quotes will reflect the scope and scale of each business accordingly. 

Systems Development

A process management system to use across your entire business to improve efficiency and collaboration. 

case studies

Recent Projects

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Service: Sustainable Business Frameworks & Environmental Management
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Service: Sustainable Business Frameworks & Environmental Management
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Dior (UK)
In collaboration with Wylde Connections

Service: Carbon Footprint & Environmental Reporting
Service: Bespoke Training & Workshops
S + O Media
Service: Carbon Footprint & Environmental Reporting
Sustainable Film
Service: Systems Development
Movie Makers
In collaboration with Creative Zero

Service: Strategy Review

The Journey

This is the flow we will follow in our collaboration. It’s been designed to help focus on what matters. When it matters.

If collaboration is the key to sustainable development, this goes for us, too. I’d love to say you can sit back and let me take care of everything. But to achieve the best possible outcome, I’ll need your full commitment. 

My role is to guide you on your journey, challenge you when you need it and support you when you’re faltering. I want to help you and your team work towards a future you want to work for and live in.

1. Engage

Once the paperwork has been completed, you will receive a Welcome Pack with everything you need to know about our journey together.

2. Enquire

In a 120-minute creative kick-off meeting, we will establish our goals, discuss your vision and define your KPIs.

3. Prepare

Gather the data we need to set a baseline and develop or refine policies and practices.

4. Map

Once we have a clear picture of what data and time frames we are working with, I will plot the strategy to achieve eudaimonia.

5. Track

Get updates on our progress in our regular check-ins.

6. Deliver

Receive your project handover with team training for long-term engagement.

7. Support

Ask any follow-up questions as the changes settle in.

8. Repeat

Continue building on the work we have done - either on your own, or together.

The Destination

  • Tangible, measurable change to your sustainability policies, processes & metrics
  • The relief & happiness of acting in the interests of your business, Society & the Planet
  • Active contributions to systems change by building a future where everyone can thrive
Client feedback

The work she delivered helped me achieve my goal

the time is now

Design a future you want to work for and live in

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss your vision.

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