How I Can Help

Contributor, Commentator, Ideator

If you’re looking for an expert panellist or freelance writer who can engage your audience or communicate complex concepts in an easy yet thought-provoking way, I’m here to help.

I work with beauty brands, small businesses, podcasters, commentators, trend forecasters, consultants and creative and media agencies. I deliver reports and technical blog posts or appear on panels and podcasts talking about sustainability, beauty and freelancing.


  • Give your content authority and authenticity
  • Grow your profile as a thought leader
  • Join or continue the conversation around sustainability
  • Generate new ideas or grow your existing ones

Helping You Think, See & Feel Differently

With a background in sustainability, beauty and creative communication and a deep-seated passion for storytelling, I’m perfectly placed to inspire your audience. 

I bring clarity to new and complex ideas. Expect a few ‘I never thought of it like that!’ moments as I share my ever-evolving worldview. For example, in my work for The I Am Impact Project, the human body becomes a metaphor for sustainability. By understanding the structures and vulnerabilities they share with existing systems – from the Planet to business – we can find a better way to protect and nurture our world. 

As well as storytelling and brave thinking, a sense of humour is guaranteed for a happy collaboration.


The Solutions


Add a new worldview to your panel, webinar or workshop.


Engage and inspire your audience with articles, blog posts, case studies and reports.


Invite me to brainstorm ideas with your team to kick off or move a project forward.

Devil's Advocate

Inspire debate or test the strength of your ideas.


Featured Projects


The Destination

Let’s combine ideas and passions to see what we can create.

  • A thought-leading article
  • A post-meeting writeup
  • A thought-provoking podcast
  • The seed of an idea
  • Anything’s possible. It’s up to you!
Client feedback

Authentic, bright & brave creative ideas

the time is now

Collaborate on a vision for the world we want to live in

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