New Offer: A Custom-Design Impact Management Systems

Want a way to understand your business impact AND manage your day-to-day business operations in one go? I've just launched my new and improved consultancy package. Please get in touch or share with anyone who could benefit!

Are you a purpose-driven business who needs to understand your impact how to communicate it with ease?

Spring into Action 🌸
Now is the perfect time to revitalise your sustainability efforts. Now is the moment to streamline your workflows and processes and centralise your impact data so come end of year, you have all the impact reporting data you need to communicate with your stakeholders.

The Solution:

Introducing my bespoke Impact Management System (IMS), designed specifically for your business needs. This system integrates seamlessly with your operations, ensuring consistent data collection at the right touchpoints and centralising data across all projects.

The Offer:

I’ve got only 3 spaces for an intensive 9-week custom IMS package, where I will help you streamline your data collection, enhance day-to-day operations, and improve team collaboration. Here’s the plan:

1. Kick-Off: We start by understanding your current processes and identifying key touch points for data collection.
2. System Design: I design a tailored IMS that fits seamlessly into your existing operations.
3. Implementation: The system is implemented with minimal disruption, and your team receives comprehensive training.Real-Time 4. Insights: You begin to see real-time insights and improved data accuracy.
5. Handover Support: Receive up to three weeks of dedicated support post-implementation to ensure the system is functioning optimally and your team is confident using it.

Side Notes:

– I use your existing tech-stack so your costs are kept low and your data remains with you (or recommend a good no-code solution should you require it)
– You’ll get access to all necessary templates, resources, and training materials.
– Up to 3 done-for-you workflow templates.
– Support is available via messaging and voice notes for any questions or adjustments.

Not for You If:

❌ You already have all the data you need for your annual sustainability report in one easy-to-access centralised place.
❌ Your team is in perfect sync and managing projects with minimal effort.
❌ You’re not ready to commit to improving your sustainability efforts.

Perfect for You If:

🙋 You want to streamline your KPI performance and data collection process.
🙋 You need a centralised system to get a clearer picture of your impact across your entire business.
🙋 You’re ready to improve team collaboration and operational efficiency.
🙋 You aim to enhance transparency and compliance with sustainability standards.

Interested in finding out more? Click the link below to apply, and let’s chat about how a custom IMS can help you get ahead this spring:

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Client Feedback: In Their Own Words

Khandiz is a very knowledgeable consultant who has excellent understanding of all facets of sustainability and how to practically integrate positive practices into existing business systems and workflow. She is fantastically engaging and goes above and beyond to listen to the team across the company to discover the challenges they face, from this she provides practical advice to aid business transformation. Her observations, input and work on general our project management systems has been invaluable too, all done with an upbeat and inspiring approach!

Trevor Nichol | Pixel Artworks – Head of Technical Production & Sustainability Lead
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