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I work with Individuals & SMEs in the creative, media and beauty sectors looking to gain insight into the impact of their current business practices & to implement meaningful, relevant and measurable change.
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I can help you to develop a eudaimonic business or professional practice.

A eudaimonic business focuses on how much wellbeing, possibility, and wealth – how much life – is created through its products.

It’s rooted in Aristotle’s philosophy of pursuing happiness to quantify a good quality of life, and modern, purpose-driven economics, and inspired by the works of Umair Hauge who founded Eudaimonia & Co.

I can help you to identify the risks and opportunities for your business, resulting from the global mega trends. 

How can you prepare for the impacts of climate change, changes in technology and biodiversity loss (to name a few) if you don’t know they are coming?

What good is embedding eco-ethical practices into your work or business if you’re not going to communicate it?

I can write your policies and reports, ensuring your clients and customers know what you do, how you’re doing and how they can help to reach your goals.

I can help you to identify the biggest sustainability risks for your business and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) or a bespoke strategy using the  BS8900/BS8909 Frameworks to ensure continuous improvement on your journey towards sustainability. 

Deepening your and/or your teams understanding about the climate, ecological & social emergencies, and developing key knowledge & skills in implementing tools and strategies is one of the best ways to ensure success for your sustainability initiative. 

I can help do that in an inspiring & practical way.

I work with Individuals & SMEs in the creative, media and beauty sectors looking to gain insight into the impact of their current business practices & To implement relevant & measurable change.

Sustainability is not one-size-fits-all. The ultimate common objective is to (re)build businesses that can sustain themselves, while not depleting the Planet of natural resources, or infringing on human rights. This cannot not be achieved without a real understanding of what sustainability is, what it global collective action means, and what that looks like for each individual or organisation.

By first acknowledging the critical aspects, identifying your impacts and preparing for future global megatrends likely to affect your business – only then can we develop an exciting, eudaimonic and creative strategy to improve your social and environmental practices, which in turn, ensures your economic prosperity.

I’m qualified by an L7 Diploma in Sustainable Business Practice from IEMA, certified “carbon literate” by The Carbon Literacy Trust, and hold a certificate from Cambridge University’s Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) in Business Sustainability Management.

Client Stories


We wanted to improve our working practices in keeping with our personal values around sustainability, but didn’t know where to begin. Khandiz came highly recommended. From the first meeting she had a clear understanding of our industry and how we operated within it. She was able to take this knowledge and gave us a clear and practical strategy to implement. Khandiz was able to support and help with the changes we needed to make. We feel proud we have made the steps towards a sustainable future and we are fully committed to the goal of becoming carbon free. Thank you Khandiz for setting us on the path.
Steph Keelan, Director of S+O Media
Khandiz’s knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Sustainable makes collaborating with her on projects a truly enjoyable experience. Her communication skills meant I was kept well informed throughout the duration of our work together and the work she delivered really helped me achieve my goals with educating people on the importance of Sustainability within our work. I’m looking forward to finding another project that we can work together on in the future.
Amelia Price, Sustainability Professional in Film & TV
I feel like I have caught on fire since attending her beauty sustainability workshop in Cape Town. Her passion and pure determination are infectious and spending time consulting with her since then has not only cleared the fog but aligned me to a greater purpose. Although I couldn’t do a full course with Khandiz, I know that I gained the confidence and clarity to kickstart my goals within the consults we did. I would highly recommend her, and I personally would use her services again and again. Thank you again for all the knowledge and support.
Chantelle Candice Brown, Professional Makeup artist & Founder of The Madeup Co
Thank you for the great Sustainability Q&A sessions you did for Bectu, it's great that it was so interactive and allowed us to share our thoughts and ideas in and open and supportive environment. I've done a few Albert webinars and they have felt have top down so it's great to get the encouragement for a bottom up crew led approach, no matter how early in our careers or what role we have.
Kathy Azopardi, Location Assistant
I was really inspired by your course yesterday, so good to hear you speak with such passion and clarity. I felt really inspired. Thank you.
Angus Macfadyen, Filmmaker

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