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Have you been on a production that is flouting environmental & /or social practices? Leave anonymous feedback so we can start calling production’s out!

I have collated a variety of resources and developed some simple tools for you to use on your journey towards a sustainable practice as a film & tv practitioner.

I am passionate about providing individuals – and departments – with the tools they need to feel a sense of agency in the face of the climate, ecological and social emergency.

Please consider taking my anonymous survey to help gain an insight into how crew and cast feel regarding sustainability engagement within the UK film and HETV industry. I hope the findings can help inform how we move forwards as an industry.

Learn more about me and my work and ways we might work together.

How to devise a sustainability plan for your department

This document is a 6 step action plan that can be implemented on any size or budget production, with or without production buy-in.

Why is a plan important? Read on. 

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