New sustainable beauty report for WGSN

In 2017, I was named ‘one to watch’ by WGSN – the global trend forecasting agency – in their New Makeup Artists: Ones To Watch report. I wasn’t exactly “new to the game” at the time. Still, it was nice to finally get noticed for my work using only natural, organic and sustainable beauty practices.

So imagine my delight – three years on – that I am actually a fully-fledged freelance writer and I’ve just had my first “Ones To Watch” sustainable beauty report published. With a second commission in the bag! 

A close up photograph of cells for WGSN Biotech Ingredient report


Ones To Watch 2021: Biotech Ingredients

When I started Untainted Magazine in 2017, I was simply looking for a place to publish my thoughts, ideas and high concept beauty editorials in the eco-beauty space-without having to metaphorically lower my voice to meet the demands of beauty advertisers.

I had no intention of becoming a freelance writer, but it turns out I enjoy research and writing and have turned a hobby into a new revenue stream. 

It’s encouraging to know that my varied and diverse skills – which I believed were limiting me for a long time- can blend so seamlessly. 

Should you require an in-depth report on sustainable beauty or sustainability in the creative and media sectors, I might be able to help. 



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