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Web Design

A sustainable website is one way to show you’re serious about a fairer, greener world. I design and build simple, responsive and responsible websites hosted on renewable energy servers. 

So, whether you’re a creative looking to showcase your portfolio, a small business wanting to make your mark, I can help you get online with conscientious, low carbon web design that represents what you’re about.


  • Welcome your clients into your world
  • Build a home for your ideas, products or services
  • Design a website that reflects your values
  • Practise inclusivity with accessible design
  • Learn to update and maintain your own site
  • Or, leave maintenance & management up to me

Helping You Think, See & Feel Differently

As my client, you don’t come to me because I can build your website. 

You come to be because, as a signatory of the Sustainable Web Manifesto, I’m committed to designing sites that are underpinned by equitable values. 

You come to me because I tell your story in a unique and inspiring way. 

And you come because when you leave, it’s with the confidence and skills to maintain and manage your own website sustainably. The theory that underpins my process? Eudemonia, the art of happiness.


The Solutions

Building a sustainable WordPress website is like building a house. You need a thoughtful design, a solid frame, and the right tools for it to last. After that, the decoration adds value, but only if the structure is sound.

I offer a range of packages & services to help you build a digital home you love, from the ground up.

The New Build

Can your business website be both stylish & sustainable? I think so.

Get a unique, responsive & user-friendly site that embodies your brand values.

Your new website is live on a fairer, decentralised world wide web. Your customers can easily find the products and services they are looking to support them on their own sustainability journey – making them happy. Business is thriving, and you are happily adding more value to the world than you are taking from it.
  • Elementor Pro sub-licence for 1-year (valued at $49).
  • Access to a library of training & best practice resources
  • Premium sublicense to Crocoblocks and/or Premium Addons full suite of plugins (project dependent)
  • Free implementation of Termageddon’s policies (usually £100)
  • A comprehensive handover document with everything you need to access and manage your site
  • Image sourcing, if required
  • One round of copy edits for all pages (cleanup and simplify as needed)
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Brand Collateral
  • Legal policies

Revenue has increased because visitors love spending time on the site. Heck, you like hanging out there now too! 

In our two-part virtual creative strategy session we will define your site goals, and refresh your visual communication approach so enjoy your site again. 

  • Copywriting
  • Brand collateral
  • SEO Audit & Action Plan

The Refresh

Looking to liven up your website, but not sure where to begin?

Book a two-part creative strategy session for inspiration to refresh your web presence in a way that’s personal to you.

Get advice on how to improve your customer’s experience & learn best practices for ongoing site care. Let’s give your visitors a site they love spending time on.

The Refurb

A creative refresh and tidy up for the tired or sluggish WordPress site.

Breathe new life into your online presence with an updated look & feel that will shine a light on your unique perspectives, attributes & values. 

Sometimes, change is as good as a holiday.

Everything is operating at maximum efficiency. There are no sleepless nights worrying about compliance issues. You know the risks, and have prepared for them. Important dates and deadlines are scheduled without you having to lift a finger. You have more time to spend with the people you love, and do the things that make you happiest.

* Must be willing to switch to renewable energy host

  • Copywriting
  • Brand collateral
  • SEO Audit & Action Plan
  • Maintenance & Management
  • Admin Setup (domain transfer to Host, setup, and support cancelling old accounts)

Maintenance & Management​

For hands-on help to keep your site optimised and looking & feeling fresh, choose your own monthly package.

Regular plugin updates, security checks & backend maintenance keep your site shipshape behind the scenes.

Regular updates to keep your site evolving. Blog posts, keyword testing, portfolio updates & other content uploads. 

Save 25% on annual plans (billed monthly)

Prices start from £1,800. Add-on’s start from £350, monthly plans begin at £10 per month & Architecture sessions from £500. 

Payment plans are available for all my website service solutions. 

case studies

Recent Projects

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Service: New Build, Design & Maintenance
The Shy Photographer
Service: New Build
Fashion Declares
Service: New Build & Branding
REAL Sustainability
Service: New Build
The Generator Project
Service: New Build & Branding
Set Ready
Service: New Build

The Journey

When we work together on your New Build or Refurb, this is how our collaboration will flow—intentionally designed to help us focus on what matters. When it matters.

When it comes to designing a website that meets your needs, collaboration is essential. I’d love to say you can sit back and let me take care of everything. But to achieve the best possible outcome, I’ll need your full commitment. 

That means delivering your copy & images on time, and giving feedback within the agreed time frame. Then, you can sit back and let me turn your ideas into something tangible, beautiful & engaging.      

1. Engage

Once the paperwork has been completed, you will receive a Welcome Pack with everything you need to know about our journey together.

2. Enquire

During an initial 90-minute kickoff session, we'll discuss your customers' journey and the wireframes for your site. We will also collaborate on mood boards, review the hierarchy of information and explore a visual language appropriate for your brand.

3. Design

I will develop a design proposal based on what we discussed in our kick-off Exploration Session for your approval. This gives you a visual representation of what your finished site will look like, which can be hard to visualise from a black and white wireframe.

4. Review

Share your feedback on the design to arrive at a fitting final product.

5. Build

Leave me to turn our ideas into reality. I will go away and build the site following the signed-off design plan.

6. Test

You will have an opportunity to go through the site and make sure everything is working as it should before the site is launched.

7. Deliver

Get the keys to your site, with a personalised training session & guidelines on how to maintain it once our collaboration is complete.

8. Launch

I take the site live. You start promoting it!

9. Support

As you settle into your new digital home, I provide free technical support for two weeks following the handover.

The Destination

  • A website that generates happiness for you & your customers
  • The skills to manage your website with confidence
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