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Vujà Dé Creative Solutions

At its essence, vujà dé simply means looking at old problems with a different or renewed perspective. I use this approach across my varied disciplines to provide my clients with creative, sustainable & eudaimonic solutions.

A New Way of Thinking Seeing Feeling

A Botanical Study
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NOVEL Portfolio Layout
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The Beautiful Art of Letting Go

Hi, My name is Khandiz

I am a hybrid professional. I call myself a Creative Sustainableist.

As an accomplished international  artist and qualified sustainability professional, I prioritise working with the creative and beauty industries – both businesses and individuals –  to transform their vision into one that has a more eudaimonic social, environmental and economic impact.

My unique skillset and training make me both strategic and able to implement practical solutions.

My background as a multidisciplinary artist gives me a distinctive way of seeing the world, which helps my clients to see things through a different lens, and in turn – helps them to then innovate, challenge, and lead.

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A vivid and varied collection of thoughts, ideas, opinions and the odd news update.


adjective Regent Street at 6 am. Winter. As the sun comes up and casts shadows between the buildings. I breathe out frosty air. Warmth. Date

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Arrival. People standing on a train waiting to get off.


This post is part of an ongoing series of short musings about life in London. Observations. Inspirations. Stolen Moments.

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Anticipation. Blurred image of a train in the London Underground


This post is part of series of short musings about life in London. Observations. Inspirations. Stolen Moments. It’s inspired by one of my favourite books of all time: A Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan.

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