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At its essence, vujà dé simply means looking at old problems with a different or renewed perspective. I use this approach across my varied disciplines to provide my clients with creative, sustainable & eudaimonic solutions.

A New Way of Thinking Seeing Feeling

A Botanical Study
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NOVEL Portfolio Layout
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The Beautiful Art of Letting Go

Hi, My name is Khandiz

I am a hybrid professional. I call myself a Creative Sustainableist.

As an accomplished international  artist and qualified sustainability professional, I prioritise working with the creative and beauty industries – both businesses and individuals –  to transform their vision into one that has a more eudaimonic social, environmental and economic impact.

My unique skillset and training make me both strategic and able to implement practical solutions.

My background as a multidisciplinary artist gives me a distinctive way of seeing the world, which helps my clients to see things through a different lens, and in turn – helps them to then innovate, challenge, and lead.

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