AI Policy

Last updated: 28 April 2023


At Vujà Dé Creative Solutions, I recognise the potential of AI to streamline the way I work as a single-person business, but I am equally mindful that there are legitimate concerns about AI that should be considered when employing this technology. This policy serves as a foundation for my commitment to harnessing AI in a responsible, ethical, and transparent manner, and outlines the key areas where I utilise AI to help streamline my workflow and deliver exceptional results for clients.


  1. AI Usage in Copywriting and Content Creation


I use AI to assist me in improving content that I have written so that it is well-structured, engaging, and impactful.  This copy is used for various platforms and outputs, such as websites, blog posts, social media, marketing materials and client deliverables. AI supports me in:

a. Providing grammar, spelling, and style recommendations to ensure high-quality, polished content.

b. Analysing the tone and sentiment of written content to ensure it aligns with my and/or clients’ brand values, tone of voice and messaging.

c. Improve my own writing so that it’s clear and concise for readers.

d. Critically evaluate a piece of content I have written to pinpoint areas that may require consideration from alternative perspectives.

e. Improve headlines and other SEO-related areas on my website (as part of my sustainable website commitment and strategy).


I do not use AI to write complete copy on my behalf.

Software and technology that I use for these functions include: Microsoft Word, Grammarly, Jasper, Ubersuggests and Chat GPT.


  1. AI for Design and Visual Content


I leverage AI in my design processes to streamline the creation of visually appealing and highly effective graphic materials. AI is used to:

a. Recommend colour palettes, typography, and layouts that match my own and/or my clients’ branding and project requirements.

b. Automate routine tasks, such as resizing and cropping images, to improve efficiency and reduce human error.


I do not use AI to generate imagery for any public domain.

Software and technology that I use for these functions include: Canva, Eagle and WPMU’s Smush Pro (websites).


  1. AI for Project Management and Time Management

To ensure efficient time management and project coordination, I employ AI-powered tools that enable me to:

a. Streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks, such as task assignment and deadline tracking.

Software and technology that I use for these functions include: ClickUp, Smart Suite and Ply.


  1. Ethical, Transparent, and Responsible AI Usage

I am committed to responsible and ethical AI usage by adhering to the following principles:

    1. Transparency: I strive to be open and honest about my AI usage with clients and other stakeholders.
    2. Privacy and Data Protection: I respect the privacy of my clients, ensuring that all data used by AI algorithms is collected, processed, and stored in compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations. Read my Privacy Notice.
    3. Fairness and Inclusivity: I am dedicated to using AI in a manner that promotes fairness and avoids discrimination or bias in my processes, products, and services.
    4. Accountability: I take responsibility for outputs in which I have employed AI technology to assist me with my work.


I am committed to regularly assess the benefits and potential risks associated with the swiftly evolving landscape of this technology. My goal is to strike a balance between harnessing AI tools for enhanced efficiency and retaining control over creativity, data security, and ethical considerations. By staying vigilant and adaptable, I am confident that employing AI in the manner described above will bolster, rather than impede, the success of my projects, and help me deliver the highest standard of work for my clients.

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