Creative Sustainableist & Systems Navigator

Khandiz Joni, MIEMA CEnv

I guide businesses and individuals to adopt ethical and responsible practices. My passion for weaving stories, sparking creativity in others, and actively participating in systems change is what moves me into action.

With a multi-disciplinary career spanning over two decades, include serving as an Assessor for CISL’s ‘Communicating for Influence and Impact’ short course and providing strategy support for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies.

I hold a Certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership from the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) an IEMA Diploma in Sustainable Business Practice and am a registered Chartered Environmentalist with the Society for the Environment.

As co-founder of the award-winning creative agency Novel Beings, I’ve produced campaigns for brands such as Fashion Revolution and Twelve Beauty. As an associate lecturer at the London College of Fashion and panelist, I share my expertise in education and public discourse.

As a freelance ‘Green Beauty’ hair & makeup artist, my work has featured in global publications like Schön! Magazine, Hunger, and Harper’s Bazaar Japan, and brand campaigns Absolution Cosmetics. I have also contributed to telling important human stories in international films and TV shows, including Blood Diamond and Then Barbara Met Alan.

Finally, as an insatiable knowledge-seeker my current creative practice, The I AM IMPACT Project, combines body art and photography to explore humanity’s relationship with Earth’s tipping points.

The Mission

My mission is to make a transformative and lasting impact on individuals and organisations by inspiring them to see, think, and feel differently about our world and our place in it. Here’s how.

Cultivating Awareness

Encouraging a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between human activities and the natural world. I aim to illuminate the significance of ecological balance and ethical practices in everyday decisions

Promoting Regenerative Practices

Guiding businesses and individuals towards practices that not only minimise harm but actively contribute to environmental and social rejuvenation. This includes advocating for sustainable business models and lifestyle choices that prioritise long-term well-being over short-term gains

Building Community
& Connection

Fostering a sense of belonging and community through collaborative projects, workshops, and dialogues. I believe in the power of shared knowledge and collective action to drive meaningful change

Personalised Consultancy
& Design

Offering tailored solutions that align with each client’s unique needs and circumstances, whilst embedding regenerative and responsible principles into their systems and strategies

Prioritising Quality
& Trust

Ensuring that all interactions and collaborations are grounded in mutual respect and a commitment to quality. My approach is not about quick fixes but about nurturing enduring relationships and results


A Blend of Art, Advocacy & Action

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