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Bespoke Strategy & Climate Workshops

My workshops blend your unique business intelligence with dynamic, interactive low-fi games rooted in down-to-earth design thinking to reinvigorate dull meetings. This tried and tested approach not only sparks imagination and creativity but opens the door to real-world results. I’m here to support and empower your team to reach well-informed decisions using your unique business insights, effectively tackling business, pollution, nature, and community issues with confidence.

Creative Solutions

The Sessions

Facilitated sessions using design-thinking methods and tools like REGENASYST® Games and Climate Fresk workshops, infusing fun and creativity. Demystify complex issues and promote learn-as-you-go tactics, transforming overwhelm into confident, purposeful action.


The Process


Move from apathy to action
Participate in meaningful, measurable change
Co-create scaleable solutions
Regain our agency in the face of global challenges

The Outcomes

Confidence knowing you’re
taking considered action

Better team knowledge,
alignment & engagement

No more boring, dull
strategy meetings


Successful Sessions

UK Innovate Edge

In collaboration with Wylde Connections, we used the REGENASYST® ‘Megaforce Muddle’ Game in an in-person session to empower Innovation Managers with a deeper understanding of global megatrends and their relevance to businesses receiving grant funding. Through this immersive session, teams not only grasped the megatrends but also crafted practical strategies to harness opportunities and safeguard against unintended consequences on interconnected systems, ensuring effective and informed decision-making.

Sustainable Film

As the co-founders embarked on reviewing their internal business strategy and building their core team, they sought an opportunity to gain deep insights into their team’s hopes for the future. The goal was to construct a cohesive company vision that resonated with everyone. To facilitate this, I used the REGENASYST® Game, ‘Shift Happens’. Through this interactive session, we not only reconnected with the team’s vision but also reaffirmed unanimous alignment, fostering a clear and unifying company vision.

British Film Designers Guild

The BFDG requested a bespoke values-building session. I guided the team through a series of exercises to redefine the British Film Designers Guild’s values, mission, and vision in preparation for the next AGM. Our intention was to gain a deep understanding of the organisation’s purpose, make it appealing to members under 40, articulate member benefits, and reinforce the core values that drive the organisation. As a result, the group emerged from the session with a renewed sense of purpose and achieving their stated goal.

Link Waste

In partnership with Wylde Connections, we harnessed the power of REGENASYST® Stakeholder Muscle Matrix games to facilitate a virtual strategy development workshop. The use of these cards enabled the team to achieve a deeper level of understanding and connection with their stakeholders needs. Notably, they recognised the importance of acknowledging their staff’s religious beliefs and accommodating their needs to align with their company values and commitments. This revelation led to a more purpose-driven and values-aligned approach.


I was commissioned to design department-specific virtual sustainability workshops for several BECTU’s branches; Costume, Hair & Makeup, Camera & Lighting, and the Writers, Directors & Producers branches. These workshops focused on sustainable production, ensuring projects stay on schedule, within budget, maintain a healthy crew, and minimise pollution’s impact on nature. Members gained a deep, holistic understanding of sustainability within their roles and departments, a unique offering not found in other industry training programmes.

Wylde Connections

I conducted an in-person Climate Fresk session exclusively for a boutique West Midlands-based Sustainability Consultancy. This dynamic session offered the team a refreshed perspective on the IPCC report and the challenges we face. The knowledge gained boosted their confidence and commitment to climate action, benefiting all team members, regardless of their prior climate knowledge. It ensured a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of climate systems, strengthening the consultancy’s capacity to deliver impactful solutions for their clients.


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