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Project-Based ESG Consulting

I offer tailored ESG consulting services through project-based work that emphasises facilitation, co-creation and systemic problem-solving. Guiding my clients in overcoming challenges, finding creative solutions and achieving success through active engagement & collaboration.

ESG Services

Creative Solutions

A suite of project-based sustainability and creative services tailored to meet your unique business needs. Designed to be adaptable, ensuring they align perfectly with the specific obstacles and objectives of your business.

Carbon audits carried out
EMS’s implemented
Conscientious campaigns produced
The Journey of our Work Together

The Process

I offer targeted ESG project-based services for consultancies and SMEs, ideal for meeting stakeholder expectations or investor requirements. For a more enduring solution, consider my integrative sustainability leadership solution, available on a subscription basis. This provides ongoing, expert guidance in sustainability for your business.


Lead the way on social & environmental impact
Uphold legal compliance & other ethical responsibilities
Nurture resilient businesses that will flourish now & in the future
Take the right action at the right time, for the right reasons
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Recent Projects

Wylde Connections

Solution: Client Delivery Collaboration for Sustainability in Manufacturing

An ongoing collaboration with Wylde’s team to provide comprehensive sustainability services for the manufacturing and built environment sectors. This partnership entails developing sustainability strategies, conducting carbon footprint environmental audits and reports, as well as delivering client workshops and training, thereby enhancing their client service portfolio.

Sustainable Film

Solution: Systems Design & Build for Sustainable Film & TV Consultancy

I provided a streamlined systems design service, implementing a work management system using ClickUp and Microsoft Teams. This optimised collaboration and project management for the consultancy, ensuring efficient delivery of client projects and alignment with business goals.


Solution: Strategy Review for Sustainable Events Consultancy

A consultancy focused on sustainable events sought a new perspective for a sustainability & social values strategy they were delivering for the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the 2022 Common Wealth Games. Before presenting to their client, they required a ‘sense check’ to ensure their strategy was innovative, comprehensive, and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

S + O Media

Solution: Carbon Footprint & Environmental Reporting for Film & TV Service Provider

I assisted the client with carbon footprint audits and authored impact reports emphasising environmental and social values. The reports showcased the client’s commitment to a safer, fairer and healthier film and TV industry, focusing on carbon reduction and sustainable practices. This helped effectively communicate their sustainability goals to stakeholders.

Pixel Artworks

Solution: Policy and Systems Support for Immersive Experience & Design Agency

On behalf of Creative Zero, I conducted a review of existing policies for strategic alignment, redesigned processes, and systems to fulfil commitments, and worked with the internal Resourcing Team to revamp the workflow system using their existing technology stack. This collaboration enhanced operational efficiency and adherence to their strategic goals.

The P & M Group

Solution: Carbon Footprinting & SECR Reporting for leading Cold Store Solutions

On behalf of Wylde Connections, I conducted carbon footprint audits for multiple years for the P & M Group of companies and delivered a Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) report. This work ensured their compliance with legal obligations and supported their commitment to responsible environmental practices.


The Destination

Tangible, measurable change to your metrics, policies & processes

The satisfaction of acting in the interests of your business, society & the Planet

Active participation in systems change for a future where everyone can thrive


The Work She Delivered Helped Me Achieve My Goal

Khandiz’s knowledge and enthusiasm for all things sustainable make collaborating with her on projects a truly enjoyable experience. Her communication skills meant I was kept well informed throughout the duration of our work together and the work she delivered really helped me achieve my goal of educating people on the importance of sustainability within our work. I’m looking forward to finding another project that we can work together on in the future.

Amelia Price | Co-Founder of Sustainable Film

Let’s take your project ‘beyond sustainability’ and focus on real value creation.



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