Sustainability Policy


My purpose, “To design & develop creative solutions which are ‘conducive to happiness’ and have a positive impact on all Life”, lies at the heart of my Sustainability Policy. 

I am committed to supporting organisations and individuals to think, see and feel differently about the most significant issues we collectively face⸺and to innovate, challenge and lead in setting and achieving goals that have the potential to impact us all. 

My Strategic objectives:

  • Add value to my clients
  • Innovate, challenge and lead in creative sustainability
  • Use established and globally recognised standards & frameworks to support and promote global goals
  • Design & develop creative solutions that support happiness 
  • Provide leadership in addressing the Climate, Ecological & Social Crisis
  • Factor in happiness for myself and my clients


I recognise that to achieve this, I need to operate my micro-business in a sustainable way – the same way I recommended for my clients. 

My governance and how I operate my life and business are underpinned by the principles of stewardship, integrity, inclusivity, transparency, and happiness.  As a solopreneur/practitioner, I am committed to upholding the ethical codes outlined by IEMA and the Society for the Environment – both of which I am a member. 

I am committed to proactively managing my direct and indirect environmental and social impacts and building a successful business for the long term. My long-term goal is to add more value than I take across my value chain. In other words, becoming a net-positive.

My Key Aims:

  • To ensure environmental, social and ethical factors are integrated into my operational processes and set objectives for continual improvement
  • To comply with relevant legislation and regulations
  • To continue reducing, repairing and reusing resources before recycling and to use resources efficiently
  • To understand my operational emissions and report on them annually
  • To use an accredited program to offset my residual emissions and promote “Net Zero” throughout my value chain⸺and beyond.


Khandiz Joni Towill, Creative Sustainableist


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